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About Cityview Cleaning & Caretakers

Due to our commitment to providing regular, high quality service, our clients continually request us back to clean their homes or offices. We keep a high standard of quality and are committed to providing our clients with clean, pleasant, and healthy surroundings. To complete even the most difficult cleaning chores, we use cutting-edge technology and innovative cleaning processes. To offer you a genuinely exceptional clean, we pay attention to the tiny things that other cleaners may neglect. We respect your house and office as if they were our own.
About Cityview Cleaning & Caretakers

We are committed to the highest industry standards and are constantly looking for new and more effective cleaning procedures. Our mission is to assist you in developing the best cleaning plan for your Melbourne property. Our cleaners will be more than happy to discuss your cleaning requirements with you to ensure that we address any unique circumstances surrounding your property.

Cityview Cleaning and Caretakers is a Premium cleaning service Provider with highly trained staff and excellent management. which gives peace of mind to our clients.

Our goal in the cleaning industry is to provide best service in the area we are in.

We are specialised in Luxury residential buildings common areas and offices.

Common areas cleaning is very important for the people living in the building or working in the building. Our job is to make them feel clean environment around them.

For the Body corporate management, their clients needs are very important.

So we look after the properties managed by the different body corporate companies with our high standard quality cleaning services.

Our Working Process

100% quality guarantee:

100% quality guarantee:

“We strive to always maintain a standard of excellence. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our service, we are more than happy to return within 24 hours to rectify the problem. You may count on us since we've demonstrated our dedication to our clients and have a region-wide reputation for quality.”

A dedicated community of experienced cleaners:

“We have a cleaning community that specializes in long-term placements for regular cleaning. Once you make a booking, we jump straight onto matching you with a cleaner who can be there as soon as possible. With such a large network and customer support team, we make it effortless to find the cleaner who is a natural fit for your home.”
experienced cleaners
An inclusive service

An inclusive service:

“With us, you can rest assured our services are all inclusive. You won’t be paying extra for random household appliances. With our flat hourly rate, our services cover even the most basic of tasks. If your microwave needs a good wipe, there are no hidden costs – we’ve got you! We will have the basics done at each service and you can feel free to specify any alterations as much as you need.”

Safe cleaning solution:

“Even during the performance of our services, we are still commited to making ethical choices. We only use eco friendly cleaning products to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. This way, we stay away from harmful chemicals that are damaging to the environment as well.”
Safe cleaning solution:
Excellent customer service

Excellent customer service:

“We provide all cleaning equipment, products, and, wherever necessary, the same cleaning team to do your cleaning task every time. This leaves you with nothing to do but relax and enjoy your exceptionally clean house or business. No other cleaning service in the region can compete with our attention to detail.”

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